Scarf description Never Ending Ride

The scarf is showing the daily cycle of routines/moments. The full 24 hours are shown as a Ferris wheel, a metaphor for repetition. Each wagon shows another stage of the day/night and allows us to explore the stage and its transition to the next one. In Étès we encourage to remain conscious and aware of the choices we make. By analyzing the stages of the day, we ask ourselves questions, wheter we are acting the way we really want. Because, we often get used to patterns and keep them because it “works”. But even if the life cycles are repetitive, we can still adjust the daily routines to our needs. With this scarf we want you to ask yourself if your habits suit you. Roll your sleeves and allow us to take you on a ride, ride about your own life.

1. The dreams
2. Mornin’ mornin’
3. At work
4. On the way
5. At Home
6. Nature
7. Fun
8. Calm down


This wagon is dedicated to our sleeping routine. It begins and closes the daily cycle. We sleep to rest, to reset, gain energy and allow ourselves to process the elapsed day. We get ready for adventures waiting the upcoming day. When we sleep, we can dream. Do you remember any of them? Do you allow yourself to process what story you just have seen? Was it nice, scary, fluffy or magical? Take the keys, can you open any of the boxes. Did you find anything? One story is overlapping another until you hear the calming sound of the…. alarm clock.


Yep, we are definitely done with sleeping here. The sun is entering the room through the blinds. 6:00 AM. What do you hear? Is it the horrifying scream of the alarm clock that is cutting the air around your still sleepy head? Or maybe it’s a rooster informing you about the morning in the countryside? Before you will notice, you are already in the shower, choosing the bow over a tie, unsuccessfully searching for matching socks. The matching ones are probably still in the dreaming section. The toaster is on, you take your favorite jam from the fridge. and the coffee.. oooh, good, strong coffee, that is the way to survive the morning until… oops! It’s all over the papers you were supposed to take to work. Oh not again.. Quick cleaning session, brushing teeth, you will figure out the coffee. Maybe it’s a sign to take a smoothie over caffeine. Remember, you choose.


Papers, books, sticky notes, use whatever you want, it’s the working time. What do you do? Do you have to analyze statistics? Or collect irrelevant information? Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy it. It’s quite a wagon. Working usually takes a lot of time from your day, so it’s important to be aware of how you spend this time. Be aware, be aware… Oh crap, the flower on the widow is dead again. Maybe you can still save it before you go home.


Fasten the seatbelt. Bus, bike, car or helicopter today? Choose wisely! Maybe today you can take the bus. Look, your colleague is already waiting at the bus station. It’s better together! There are many ways, and you can choose which one suits you best! No matter how, now it’s time to go home!


Where do you live? Can you call the place home? We hope you have a place where you feel comfortable and you enjoy spending your free time. Maybe it’s a multistorey building in Copenhagen or a small country house in a Dutch village? Home is supposed to be a safe space and no matter how it looks or where it is, your place to be free and feel comfortable. No expectations from the society or rules other than those you wish. Home is your shelter.


Another important aspect of our daily routine is nature. Being outside, surrounded by plants, flowers and animals. That is the place where you can remind yourself that you are a piece of a bigger picture. You are part of the ecosystem. Remind yourself, the way you treat nature is the way you treat yourself. Explore the beauty of wilderness, precious areas that are bringing new life. Think about the earth, water, air and fire and about the power they have. Take care of it and it will take care of you.


Oooh what kind of life would we have without fun. Do you still remember the word? In a daily rush, it is very easy to forget about pure joy. We sometimes forget joy, therefore we need to remind ourselves that this wagon is a priority! It brings happiness, relaxation, refreshment and inspiration. How do you spend your free time? Do you go bowling with your friends or prefer fishing? Move your feet, take a kite and explore freedom.


The evening is coming and you are slowing down. By sitting on the couch with a good movie, or reading a book under a warm blanket you are telling your body that the bedtime is coming. In Étès we practice gratitude. Before we go to bed, we think about the past day and we appreciate the moments we had. This way we are getting ourselves in a calm and positive mood and we are ready to count the sheep, slowly falling asleep, so the cycle can start again.