Scarf description Ride with a view

Rush, the endless list of things to do. Time is flying and we don’t even realize. The print is representing two roller coaster rides, a journey full of ups and downs just like life. The ride in front is standing on three columns. All of them are related to development. Laboratory, technology and money are representing power and are constantly delivering updates and innovations. Everything is for people, and everything should be used wisely. The pillars are making our life easier and are supporting us and solving problems. Nevertheless, we are living on earth therefore no matter how fast we want to grow, we need to remember that nature always has the last word. In the background, the second rollercoaster ride, nature overtook the construction. An old robot, a product of technology’s development, is chilling in a hammock with a glass of margarita. Various types of plants and animals, also from the past, from water and air environments, are mixed in a symbiosis.

The first one takes us to the laboratory. All the necessary equipment is waiting there to support the scientists in making tests and analyses. What would we do without their commitment and patience? All the studies and multiple tryouts delivered us lifesaving medicines and endless information about everything that surrounds us.

The second pillar features technology. Who remembers the time, when all the necessary numbers were written in one book available for everybody? How fast did it take to go through the call box, a small cell phone with buttons, to develop the modern smartphone with a touch screen and additional features? What’s next?

The last pillar is money. Both driving force and often a goal. Causing a lot of trouble but definitely, to some level,  making life easier. The currencies changed over the years, but, no matter what way you choose to pay, what goes around comes around.

The wagon on the rollercoaster is full of adventurous stories. The raccoon just made a great hunt and is rolling down cheerfully with food to go. Other members of the animal crew are enjoying the view without any worries.